Seoul 2013 part 4

When we reached the hostel, Gary and Lia were busy with the laptop. I mean, Gary was looking after Lia while she plays Disney Junior online games. I am glad to see Gary looking and feeling better.

To cut the story short, he was ready for our next destination. We decided to, FINALLY, try Korean grilled meat. There’s this one restaurant just walking distance from where we were staying.

Our table is similar to this (picture taken from the internet)… I KNOW! I need to take my own pictures if I really want to be a travel blogger. (Effort lang kasi)



Unfortunately, the menu doesn’t have English translation so we just pointed our order and have no idea what’s it called. Also, I was surprised when they put several side dishes on our table, around 6 side dishes per person. Punong-puno yung table namin. I was also a bit scared because I thought they misunderstood our order and gave us more than what we asked for. I haven’t tried Korean Restaurant before. But then I realized that they love side dishes as much as we Filipinos can’t eat without condiments (sawsawan).

Verdict, the meat was so tender. I tried all the side dishes which turned out to be edible (even those spicy kimchi), and some even tastes good. Definitely, it was our first satisfying meal in Seoul.

Then we headed to Dongdaemun market, a popular shopping destination and the fashion mecca daw of Korea. That’s where I bought my facial masks (The Faceshop) and some winter clothes for Lia. We also tried street food, sausages to be exact. Worth the try.

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