Seoul 2013 finale

Last day in Seoul we decided to go to Hongdae. I really appreciate the effort of the  boys looking for Hello Kitty Cafe just to make the little girl happy. (Little did they know that they were doing me a favor too. hihi) Lia was about to complain, being tired of walking, when I showed her the hello kitty cafe. I saw how she smiled shyly recognizing the cafe that she used to see on the internet. It was priceless.


We hurriedly went inside, me and Lia, while the boys stayed outside. After we’ve seen what’s inside the cafe, to our heart’s content, I ordered yoghurt and waffle. The boys don’t want anything so while waiting for us to finish our order, they went around Hongdae.

Few minutes later, they came back with good news, Hongdae is also a shopping area. Before we did our last minute shopping though, I asked them to look for a place to eat. Luckily, there is a place called Chef, literally a few steps away from Hello Kitty Cafe. Chef offers eat all you can grill and salad bar for 10k won. The little octopus was a hit!


That was our last meal in Seoul. We headed straight to Incheon Airport after a little pasalubong shopping. That was it.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again… I will definitely go back to South Korea.

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