See the World

In ten years time (actually this is too long already but I don’t want to put too much pressure on my provider), my goal is to visit the top 5 destinations on my list;

1. Japan – More than seeing Disneyland and Hello Kitty Theme parks, visiting temples, eating Japanese food everyday, riding the bullet train, etc…. I want to see its beauty during the Cherry blossom season.


2. Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Times Square New York

3. Greece – I want to see Santorini’s dramatic views, stunning sunsets and whitewashed houses. I also want to explore Greece’s archaeological sites and ancient ruins especially Parthenon, Delphi Theater and ancient temples.


4. Washington D.C. – Thanks to Dan Brown’s bestseller The Lost Symbol, I got curious about Freemasonry and I want to see all the Masonic symbols and coded messages mentioned in the book, not to mention what DC can offer as a tourist destination. Actually, it was Dan Brown who introduced me to Louvre Museum as well.

5. Amsterdam – I asked a well-travelled Priest on what’s the best place in Europe he’s been so far, he said Amsterdam confidently. I searched about it and here’s a piece of what I got, “Beer cafes, brown cafes, coffeeshops, grand cafes, tasting houses… whatever you fancy, Amsterdam’s got the cafe to suit.” Just that and I’m convinced.


Spain and Brazil are trailing closely behind. Not to mention London and Scotland that I want to see again. This is one of those times that I really wish I am a billionaire… so freakin’ bad! :)

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