Recently, I’ve invested in another business. Money invested wasn’t so big but the earning potential is. Despite my lack of skill in terms of ‘Sales and Mktg,’ I decided to be a distributor of Royale Business Club Inc because I personally use their products. Forgive me, but I am one of those typical Filipina women who wants to have fairer skin. So I am a fan of their glutathione soap and soon I am planning to try their glutathione pills plus other wellness products. Also, they’ll be releasing BB cream (they partnered with Korean and French companies), so I can’t wait to also try one of those.

Going back to my business. So far I am benefiting from it because I get products I personally use at discounted (distributor’s) price and I already have regular customers who they themselves have given me good testimonials about the products they use. But I would want to take another step further. I want to get people to be distributors like me because it’s where the maximum earning potential is.

As I’ve said, I am not a Sales person so I don’t want to give you flowery words. Just see what their products are and let them speak for themselves:

1. Ascorbic Acid
2. Fiberich
3. Spirulina (Superfood)
4. PRIME (multiVitamin supplement)
5. Diabetwatch
6. Grape Seed
7. fitShape
8. rIQall (Memory and Mental Alertness)
9. L-Gluta Power
10. Pinkish Glow (Gluta + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Vit C and E)
11. Performax (Anti-ageing formula for men)
12. Richarge (herbal drink mix)
13. 8-in-1 coffee, choco drink and corn powdered drink mixes


1. Pinkish Glow cream and toner
2. L-Gluta cream, soap, lotion and deodorant
3. L-Gluta power Anti-ageing cream and facial soap
4. Kojic papaya soap
5. Organic Lipstick
6. His and Her perfume

To top it all, Royale Business Club is 100% Filipino owned. What do you think?


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