Recently, I’ve invested in another business. Money invested wasn’t so big but the earning potential is. Despite my lack of skill in terms of ‘Sales and Mktg,’ I decided to be a distributor of Royale Business Club Inc because I personally use their products. Forgive me, but I am one of those typical Filipina women who wants to have fairer skin. So I am a fan of their glutathione soap and soon I am planning to try their glutathione pills plus other wellness products. Also, they’ll be releasing BB cream (they partnered with Korean and French companies), so I can’t wait to also try one of those.

Going back to my business. So far I am benefiting from it because I get products I personally use at discounted (distributor’s) price and I already have regular customers who they themselves have given me good testimonials about the products they use. But I would want to take another step further. I want to get people to be distributors like me because it’s where the maximum earning potential is.

As I’ve said, I am not a Sales person so I don’t want to give you flowery words. Just see what their products are and let them speak for themselves:

1. Ascorbic Acid
2. Fiberich
3. Spirulina (Superfood)
4. PRIME (multiVitamin supplement)
5. Diabetwatch
6. Grape Seed
7. fitShape
8. rIQall (Memory and Mental Alertness)
9. L-Gluta Power
10. Pinkish Glow (Gluta + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Vit C and E)
11. Performax (Anti-ageing formula for men)
12. Richarge (herbal drink mix)
13. 8-in-1 coffee, choco drink and corn powdered drink mixes


1. Pinkish Glow cream and toner
2. L-Gluta cream, soap, lotion and deodorant
3. L-Gluta power Anti-ageing cream and facial soap
4. Kojic papaya soap
5. Organic Lipstick
6. His and Her perfume

To top it all, Royale Business Club is 100% Filipino owned. What do you think?


I heart RL

We buy majority of our clothes from Ralph Lauren. But no, we don’t buy them here, it’s so expensive! Like for instance the shirt that we bought on sale online costs P6000 at Greenbelt 3! Whoa!

What we do is we check-out the RL site for sale and good deals especially during the -ber months in time for Christmas. We order using our sister-in-law’s account (or sometimes we just tell her what we want), so that the items will be delivered to her house. Btw, she lives in the US. So she accumulates all our purchases, most of the time together with her purchases from stores when she sees good deals, and sends them all in time for Christmas.

From shirts, polos, socks, shoes, sandals, caps, polo dress, shorts, pants, jackets… almost everything at the most reasonable price. So we don’t do much shopping here for clothes anymore especially for kids. Once, my eldest son told me that I haven’t bought him clothes for years and I immediately told him, “Excuse me, majority of your clothes are from the US and they’re RL!” End of conversation.

They’re so affordable that I bought these sandals with heels so high that I’m having a hard time wearing them. So can anyone remind me again why I bought them. lol

Just a few from our RL loot last December 2011.

Looking forward to our December 2012 batch, which reminds me… let me check RL website now.

Closure, finally!

On our way to Tarlac yesterday to attend the mediation, my husband and I were expecting nothing, though we were hoping and praying that the meeting would finally be fruitful.

On our way to the mediation, we saw the very same model of sports car that hit us. We were forced to use SCTEX to avoid heavy traffic (which we never did after the accident). It was raining like it was the day of the accident. And unexpectedly, we passed by the hospital where we were confined. Are these signs?

At the mediation, I heard that the amount they were offering wouldn’t even pay for the Lawyer’s fee. I got disappointed again but I prayed for His will.

At the mediation, something unexpected happened. My husband said his piece. It was short but expressed everything we’ve wanted to say in years. He said to the other party that… “we were never after his money. We didn’t even ask for moral damages. That we were the ones hurt but if he has been cooperative that day of the accident, it wouldn’t have reached this far. That what we are asking him to pay now is just the sum of the actual expenses incurred over the last two years. That we have given him so many chances to prove himself. That we pushed through with the case to show him that he should not run from his responsibilities. That he is lucky that his lawyer talks to us with his heart. Among others…”

We finally agreed with the amount (meeting halfway). But again it was not the money that closed the deal. It was the fact that we were able to attain our objective of meeting the person, telling him how we felt and letting him realize that people are to be respected and mistakes faced.

Thank you Lord. Justice has been served. We can now move on.

It can be tiring…

I take this moment to rant about something that has been bothering me for days. You see, my husband and I have been working so hard to what? To give our family a good life and our children a better future. But more than that, we are deeply thankful for being able to serve God and others. Unfortunately, some people can be insensitive? ungrateful? or just plain (sorry for the word) stupid.

It never entered my mind to take advantage of people. I can continue running my business even for the sake of maintaining my employees. I don’t expect people to give me credit for anything I have provided for them because it all came from the real Provider. I just want them to strive harder and be deserving.

It is a challenge to be generous, because sometimes you have to keep reminding yourself that what has been given to you is not really for you (And usually it’s not just the amount that you can conveniently give). But more than that, it is a great challenge to provide for people who you think don’t deserve any of it. Or those who are not happy for what you can give them. Then again, who am I to judge?