Starting the year right

My bulging tummy was my last straw to finally enrol myself (tagging along Gary) to the gym. Not that I used to have a flat belly to flaunt but neither it was this big. I did not mind the membership and admin fee, monthly fee, personal trainer’s fee and all the other expenses associated with it because I just thought of it as an investment. Gary and I don’t have any form of exercise and day by day it’s making us fatter, weaker and more stressed. We decided to get personal trainer because I know we both need someone to motivate us to go to the gym regularly and push harder during workout (obviously, we can’t rely on each other). During the first day, I learned that my body consists of almost 30% fat and that I am dehydrated. It was an eye opener… at the same time alarming. My goal is to lose 8 kilos of fat at the minimum for 3 months. I don’t really aspire for a fabulous, perfectly toned sexy body in time for summer (though I wouldn’t mind if I get that :D ), I just want to lose the excess fat, be healthy, look younger and be strong.

Each day at the gym gets more interesting while the workout becomes harder. Believe me, exercise is no joke. I am usually dead tired at the end of the day. The irony of it is that my body aches most of the time but the feeling is awesome. So far so good… I hope this lasts for good as well.

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