Raising kids to be entrepreneurs

I grew up believing that I have to study well so that I’ll be employed by a good company, take note, employed. Neither my papa nor mama brought up the idea that it is better if I come up with my own business. Of course there is nothing wrong with being employed, it’s just that allowing kids to see or experience how to have business give them another option.

My kids are luckier than I am. Aside from the fact that I can go home anytime I want and I can bring them to the office, they are exposed to the joys and pains of running a business. They might not understand what’s happening around but I know they can sense the big responsibility that their parents carry. They learn about human resource management because they see how we treat our employees in and out of the office and unknowingly listen when we interview applicants. They meet lots of people. They enjoy the perks of having our own office and coffee shop and think that it is a normal thing. We set high expectation for them without us saying a word. We bring them anywhere we go, official business or not.  I ask Marcus to help me with some repetitive computer tasks just for him to have the feel of having something to be responsible for and yes he gets paid for it, not with money but frappe. lol

I don’t say that one should have a business to raise up future entrepreneurs. You can pay them for the things they do at home (of course you have to explain the objective so that they will not expect to get paid for every chore they do). You can ask them to choose things that they don’t use anymore and sell it. (Balancing it with giving things to less fortunate people). When you travel you can give them money and let them buy things that they can sell back home. You can help them cook/bake something and sell it. And so much more.

I am not sure what my kids are thinking now and what they will become in the future. All I know is that they want to become rich! (My boys said so! haha!)

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