Closure, finally!

On our way to Tarlac yesterday to attend the mediation, my husband and I were expecting nothing, though we were hoping and praying that the meeting would finally be fruitful.

On our way to the mediation, we saw the very same model of sports car that hit us. We were forced to use SCTEX to avoid heavy traffic (which we never did after the accident). It was raining like it was the day of the accident. And unexpectedly, we passed by the hospital where we were confined. Are these signs?

At the mediation, I heard that the amount they were offering wouldn’t even pay for the Lawyer’s fee. I got disappointed again but I prayed for His will.

At the mediation, something unexpected happened. My husband said his piece. It was short but expressed everything we’ve wanted to say in years. He said to the other party that… “we were never after his money. We didn’t even ask for moral damages. That we were the ones hurt but if he has been cooperative that day of the accident, it wouldn’t have reached this far. That what we are asking him to pay now is just the sum of the actual expenses incurred over the last two years. That we have given him so many chances to prove himself. That we pushed through with the case to show him that he should not run from his responsibilities. That he is lucky that his lawyer talks to us with his heart. Among others…”

We finally agreed with the amount (meeting halfway). But again it was not the money that closed the deal. It was the fact that we were able to attain our objective of meeting the person, telling him how we felt and letting him realize that people are to be respected and mistakes faced.

Thank you Lord. Justice has been served. We can now move on.

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