HS Life at St. Ann Academy

When I was in highschool, I – was chubby (what’s new?), had long curly hair and thick eyebrows, laughed boisterously, was in top 5 but not street smart… in short naïve (haha!)

When we were in highshool, we – can’t wear colorful hairclips, headbands and socks, were required to wear gala uniform every first Friday mass, didn’t have JS prom, had so much rules to follow… in short boring.

But then again when I look back, I realized that it was the happiest moment of my student life. (Let’s not talk about love life here… hahah). This school has molded a large percentage of who I am now, not to mention good friends I’ve met and still treasure. My good memories do not count so much on the perfect scores I had in number-related subjects (so much for memorizing!), the medals I’ve reaped, praises I’ve received, but more on the challenges I had, relationships gained and values learned.

Sleeping on the floor with used cartolina as mat, whole class pretending to sleep when the teacher enters the room, greeting our teacher “Good Morning” following so-fa syllables, unstrapping the bra of a clueless classmate, putting face powder before the ‘most admired’ teacher comes in, imitating teachers and having programs during vacant period, singing ‘Weak’ and swaying with the tune – priceless!