I heart RL

We buy majority of our clothes from Ralph Lauren. But no, we don’t buy them here, it’s so expensive! Like for instance the shirt that we bought on sale online costs P6000 at Greenbelt 3! Whoa!

What we do is we check-out the RL site for sale and good deals especially during the -ber months in time for Christmas. We order using our sister-in-law’s account (or sometimes we just tell her what we want), so that the items will be delivered to her house. Btw, she lives in the US. So she accumulates all our purchases, most of the time together with her purchases from stores when she sees good deals, and sends them all in time for Christmas.

From shirts, polos, socks, shoes, sandals, caps, polo dress, shorts, pants, jackets… almost everything at the most reasonable price. So we don’t do much shopping here for clothes anymore especially for kids. Once, my eldest son told me that I haven’t bought him clothes for years and I immediately told him, “Excuse me, majority of your clothes are from the US and they’re RL!” End of conversation.

They’re so affordable that I bought these sandals with heels so high that I’m having a hard time wearing them. So can anyone remind me again why I bought them. lol

Just a few from our RL loot last December 2011.

Looking forward to our December 2012 batch, which reminds me… let me check RL website now.

Love at first sight

The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it right away. I am not into watches (Gary is!), that’s why when I see something I like I make sure I get it. Each day I spend with my watch, the more I realize that we’re really made for each other. It’s been a year (almost). Here are the top 5 reasons why I love my Philip Stein watch: (ang babaw ba? LOL)

1. I don’t like small and girlie type watches.

2.It has Dual time zone. When I travel, one concern that I have to face each time is the time difference. I am too lazy to adjust the time (and date) so I just count forward or backwards to know the time. With this watch, I have the luxury of seeing both time zones.

3. I’ve been looking for a watch that I can wear everyday, not too expensive but not cheap as well.

4. I can change straps. I have red and black. I love my red strap while I wear the black one for that ‘classic’ look. I plan to get more.

5. Embedded to it is a Natural Frequency Technology which is proven to provide benefits such as better sleep, less stress, increased focus, and improved overall well-being. I’m not really sure if it’s working on me but I hope it does.

So, why don’t you get one for yourself? :) (Philip Stein should pay me for this LOL)