Joy for Sadness

Lately I’ve been feeling a little lost. I know what I’m doing but I don’t know where I’m heading at. I wanted to give more and do more but it seems that circumstances are dragging me to a different direction. A direction I am not familiar, more so confident, with.

I am pushing myself to be happy, convincing myself that I should be enjoying every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I am contented with what I have now. Seeing my husband and children bursts my heart.

But, there are just times that I’m not at my best…

Then here comes the movie, Inside out.

“Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.”—Sadness (the voice of reason)

I realized that one has to go through with this emotion too…

Then I’ll bounce back happier and more determined.

Jump, not!

I’ve been hearing a lot of people raving about how liberating it is to follow one’s passion and jump at any chance they can get. Wrong!

Have they told you the preparation and support group that have been laid out for them (with or without their knowledge) to equip them to pursue what they wanted in life?

Let’s not focus on that jump because it will come out naturally, focus on laying down the path from your comfort zone to that scary cliff. Because you’d rather take it slow, than make excuses after.