Search Opt Media, Inc. gets an International Award

Running a business with clients from US and Europe is an achievement itself. But receiving an INTERNATIONAL ARCH OF EUROPE AWARD is far from what the Founder (Francis Gary Viray) and I ever imagined.

Ok enough for drama. So what is the award all about and how did we get it?

According to the Regulations of the IAE;

1. The award is presented in recognition of those companies or organizations in different countries throughout the world that further their reputation and position by implementing and promoting quality culture.

2. The award recognizes and encourages the contribution of companies and organizations to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction as well as improving relations with employees, suppliers and all those associated with the company.

3. The jury which designates the companies awarded will be formed by the leaders of those companies having received the award in previous years for their merits and contributions to quality and excellence in those companies which they direct. (We still have no idea who voted for us).

We were supposed to receive the award at Frankfurt tom (April 30). I’ve already asked for plane itinerary from our trusted travel agency and checked the hotel at Frankfurt where we stayed when we were there last year.  Unfortunately, we overlooked the participation fee amounting to 3,900 euros! All in all we would spend more than half a million pesos to personally receive the award. It would have been nice to be part of the awarding ceremony but it wouldn’t be practical. Anyway, present or not we already have the certificate. Indeed a milestone for the company!

A year older

I don’t have a perfect life (if there’s such a thing). Blessings and answered prayers come in abundance and so are problems and challenges. But today as I turn 34, I can say that I am already a fulfilled woman. I know my kids are still young and I feel that God isn’t done with me yet, but there is so much contentment and happiness in my heart that I cannot ask for more. It feels like the rest of my years alive will be bonus already.

God has been using me not mainly on what I am good at but more on what he sees in my heart. All these things that are happening to me today is not what I pictured myself years ago. I underestimated God. Who I am today is not my own doing, I feel Him working in my life. All I did was pray (hard), wait, keep my feet on the ground, share my blessings and keep the faith.

Raising kids to be entrepreneurs

I grew up believing that I have to study well so that I’ll be employed by a good company, take note, employed. Neither my papa nor mama brought up the idea that it is better if I come up with my own business. Of course there is nothing wrong with being employed, it’s just that allowing kids to see or experience how to have business give them another option.

My kids are luckier than I am. Aside from the fact that I can go home anytime I want and I can bring them to the office, they are exposed to the joys and pains of running a business. They might not understand what’s happening around but I know they can sense the big responsibility that their parents carry. They learn about human resource management because they see how we treat our employees in and out of the office and unknowingly listen when we interview applicants. They meet lots of people. They enjoy the perks of having our own office and coffee shop and think that it is a normal thing. We set high expectation for them without us saying a word. We bring them anywhere we go, official business or not.  I ask Marcus to help me with some repetitive computer tasks just for him to have the feel of having something to be responsible for and yes he gets paid for it, not with money but frappe. lol

I don’t say that one should have a business to raise up future entrepreneurs. You can pay them for the things they do at home (of course you have to explain the objective so that they will not expect to get paid for every chore they do). You can ask them to choose things that they don’t use anymore and sell it. (Balancing it with giving things to less fortunate people). When you travel you can give them money and let them buy things that they can sell back home. You can help them cook/bake something and sell it. And so much more.

I am not sure what my kids are thinking now and what they will become in the future. All I know is that they want to become rich! (My boys said so! haha!)

Business with a heart

I always thought of business as a faster way of making more money, well it is. But I realized that it’s not as simple as that. If that’s your main goal then you’re dead.

I had management subjects in Industrial Engineering that taught me about risk management, financial management, work simplification, reducing cost, managing people, etc. but they still do not guarantee success.

I realized that coming up with a business is another way of serving God and others. Through that business, you can hire more people and help them cope with daily financial struggles. Again, blessings are meant to overflow to others.

My prayer these days is for the company to grow bigger and for the coffee shop to be profitable that we can hire more people and give them competitive compensation. A way to make them realize God’s generosity. Of course I told God that a convenient life for me and my family hopefully comes with it as well.

Running business is earning money while providing for others for God’s greater glory. This, I know, is an assurance that the abundance will continue.