Quick notes on setting up a coffee shop

We had a soft opening of our coffee shop last Valentine’s day. Setting it up wasn’t easy, I barely had time to rest. On top of it I got colds and had no voice at all. Lucky for me the place is fully furnished, my sister gave me her cake chiller and freezer and husband took charge of the wifi. So what’s left for me to do? Here’s the list.

1. Scout for quality but not so expensive Espresso Machine. The supplier provided training for creating hot and cold coffee plus smoothies. Good thing the supplier partners with another supplier of coffee beans, syrups, sauces, packed creamer and sugar etc. They also supply plastic cups, take-out coffee cups etc but if I find time I’ll look for another supplier because I know I can find cheaper supplier of these take-out plastics.

2. Bought blender, coffee maker, microwave and water dispenser.

3. Bought plates, cups, spoon and fork, containers, cake server, measuring cups, apron, towels and so so much more.

4. I had to go to the cake supplier to check out (meaning try it myself) their cakes and pastries.

5. Bought inventory of canned and bottled softdrinks, juices and mineral water.

6. Prepare the menu which includes the list of items to serve and their corresponding price (of course pricing is another story).

7. Employ a barista and another one to assist.

My sister-in-law helped me with setting up. She also does the accounting (spare me!).

I call this my baby. So far we have more expenses than income (expected). We haven’t done much advertising. I still have a lot of other products to include. I am still thinking when’s the grand opening. We’re still getting the feel of it. It’s quite tiring but I am enjoying the whole idea. To God be the glory!

Just a thought

When I am overwhelmed (and I feel too blessed to even think about complaining), I take it one day at a time.

When I cannot imagine how to finish (or even start) a big project,  I take it one step at a time.

When I am faced with problems that push me to just quit everything, I stop thinking and ask God for help.

I have accepted the fact that as much as I would want to be as positive as possible, there are people or things that will make me (almost) fall apart. And there’s only one thing that will help me go through them and go on with life… FAITH IN GOD.

I thank God because however difficult my day has been, I survive it with my loved ones.

It never fails.