SkyLounge Coffee Shop

I remember last year I blogged about Starting-up a business. There I mentioned that I want to have a business that I’m really good at or have passion for. When the opportunity to set up a coffee shop was opened to me, I thought this might be it. I love coffee and cakes and I think that’s a good start.

The coffee shop will be located at the penthouse of Cypress condominium in Taguig. It will be just beside our company’s new head office. Target market will be condominium residents, though guests and outsiders can also be accommodated. We plan to operate Tues to Sunday 10am to 10pm.

We will offer high quality coffee, tea, hot choco, cakes and pastries at a very reasonable price. We will also sell canned softdrinks, beer, bottled mineral water and chips. Additional products that we find in demand will also be included. Free wi-fi, reading materials and a cozy environment is provided to customers. There will be smoking and non-smoking areas.

I am not expecting so much but I am hoping for the best. It will be additional work but I am excited to learn another craft. Thank you Lord!

Back to Programming

I’ve always been good at programming, modesty aside. So good that I would almost always top our programming exams in high school and compete with our (then running for) Summa Cum Laude in college. I know it has been more than a decade the last time I did codes and designed algorithms but language, concepts and syntax may have changed, I believe that logic stays the same. I am not saying that IOS application development will be a piece of cake, but I am just confident that I can finish the course obtaining my objective of learning the how-to’s. I even asked the person in charge and made sure that I will be starting from scratch because I have zero knowledge of these things, else I wouldn’t have enrolled myself despite my husband’s protest.

So there, starting Nov 7, I’ll be attending iOS Application Development for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch – for 2 hours, 3 times a week at MINT College. Hopefully I’ll do less of our company’s Admin and Acctg work (though I still don’t have anybody to delegate it to, not to mention my difficulty in delegating tasks because of control issues) so that I can not only develop mobile applications but also become a Project Lead.

My husband also made sure I won’t have ANY reason to lose my motivation, so he bought me this new toy, I mean tool. Sweet!

Thin line between being PROUD and CONCEITED

According to my dictionary, the word PROUD connotes two things, it can be positive or negative. Proud can be defined as a feeling or showing justifiable self-respect. Likewise, it can also mean being filled with or showing excessive self-esteem. Sadly though, when dealing with self and others, it’s hard to draw a line between the two.

This bothers me because I personally don’t like conceited and arrogant people. More importantly, I don’t want to be branded as one. I know a lot of people who share a lot of things about themselves; their success, purchases, travels etc. but I don’t find them conceited. On the contrary, the more I look up to them. There are people, on the other hand, who would mention something and it sounds to me like they’re blowing their own horn. Maybe because some things are too obvious and better left unsaid, or maybe its the way they say it, the timing or maybe because I don’t know them too well.

All these bring me to one question, am I conceited? I know people close to me won’t think that way because it’s not really my nature. I just wish other people who can read my writings, blogs, tweets or see the pictures I post won’t think of me that way. I just love to share things about me especially those that made me and is making me happy even to the point of influencing them to do the same. But just in case I’m bordering to being conceited, though honestly not my purpose, I hope someone would tell me so.

Big Ben, not!

Every time I look at these pictures I can’t help but smile because I really did asked Gary if the clock at the background is already the Big Ben. Hahaha! Silly me. (*blush*) Pictures taken at Kings Cross, London. First day of our 9-day stay.


mentioned too many times in this blog how I love to travel. I don’t know when it started. All I remember was that my father would always bring us to his company outings and even official business trips (not including international though because we can’t afford it), while my mom would bring us with her when she visits her home town in Cagayan de Oro or visit her sister in Cebu. Most of the time we would ride a military plane, C130, so that we’ll enjoy free round trip.

I’ve wanted to have a job that would require me to travel. I was blessed to be an auditor at Phil. National Oil Company – Energy Dev’t Corp. They’ve sent me to different parts of the Philippines. But again, no international trips.

I transferred to International Container Terminal Services Inc. They have subsidiaries outside the country. I’ll be auditing one of them if I’ve waited long enough. But a year after, I decided to resign and help my husband with our business.

To cut the story short, it was only in 2009 that my family and I had the chance to go out of the country, Hong Kong to be specific.

It takes a lot of patience to wait for the perfect time, especially when all the members of my family have secured their US visas and were able to leave the country as tourists. We don’t have enough money at that time, I don’t like pushing things to the point of loaning our travel expenses.

Now, after seeing a couple of countries in Europe, including my childhood dream Venice, I still want to go out of the country soon. Well, we could pack our bags anytime and leave, especially with budget fares and accommodation, but again I don’t like pushing things. It is wiser to use our money for investment than spending it again this soon. Don’t get me wrong, I feel blessed already, I just want to share my passion for travel and it takes a lot of discipline to stop myself from giving in. I am not sure if anyone feels the same way, I feel weird.

I pray that God would finance our ‘yearly’ travel. Then again, I am blessed already, I couldn’t ask for more.