Mercado @ Resort World

The Mercado that I am talking about is not a market place like how Cebuanos would call it. It is a restaurant inside Resort World Casino where my husband and I had lunch just recently. What’s special about it is that they’re offering their buffet lunch for only P188++ (Breakfast P88++). I remember as we were entering the buffet area, I saw the price and I was so disoriented that I asked my husband, “Is it in dollars?!” (While making peso-dollar conversion in my head) My husband said no, and I think so too or else it would be too expensive.

Food choices were not as fabulous as Sofitel, Circles or others of the same sort but definitely worth way more that P188. I was able to make myself four “courses” and they are as follows:

1. If others would skip the rolls section of every buffet table, I don’t. So I had an onion roll and a muti-grain roll from their bread section to match my mushroom soup.

2. Next, I prepared a small salad with balsamic dressing. What makes it different from other buffet I’ve tried is that their salad area comes side by side with their sushi section. So, beside my salad, I placed 2 california maki and 2 other sushis on my plate.

3. For the main course, they have 3 different viand choices (seafood, chicken and meat), vegies, rice and pasta. So I had very small servings of each just to know which tastes better. :D

4. Finally, I placed coffee jelly and 2 leche cakes on my dessert plate. I was actually waiting for creme brule but gave up because it took them too long to replace their empty tray.

With good food and casino-ambiance, my husband and I left Resort World with full stomach spending only approx P600 (inclusive of drinks).

I’ve read that the promo will run till Oct. 6, so you still have a few days left to try it yourself. It is in Newport City complex, infront of NAIA terminal 3 and beside Villamor Airbase. Btw, no reservations needed.

And Yes! It would have been better if I took pictures of it but I’m sorry CCTVs are everywhere. And when I say everywhere, IT’S EVERYWHERE!