Eheads and Me on Iwitness

I received an unexpected message from a HS batch mate yesterday and I must admit it made me smile. She attached a video of me in I-witness featuring the E-heads reunion concert and said she was happy to see me there. The first time I heard about that 2-second or so video of me, I thought I was just being fooled around. But then I remembered the incident during that concert wherein I thought a camera man was focusing his lenses on my face but ignored it thinking it couldn’t be me. Two or more friends started texting me about it and that made me really curious. I searched it in youtube and yes, there I was, crying while watching my much awaited concert. Honestly I was not happy about it because I felt that they took advantage of that moment when I was too emotional about the whole thing. You see, since HS, I have loved this band and their songs. It’s like Frank Sinatra to my Lolo’s ears or George Benson to my mom’s. And now seeing the video again, I am surprisingly thankful that I’ll forever be remembered as someone who took part of that history.