If I win the jackpot price

The last time I heard about it in the news, the approximate winning amount for lotto is P180 million and though I don’t buy lotto tickets, it just occurred to me what would it be like winning the jackpot. My son would always ask me what I plan to do just in case I won millions of pesos and without giving it much thought I would always give him this answer, “I’ll buy whatever I want.” He would then ask me with a wide grin, “Aren’t you going to give me some?” I can imagine my son day dreaming about the toys, books, psp games and a lot more that he plans to buy just in case his mom won millions. And that gave me an idea of making my own wish list just in case I won the P180 million jackpot price.

Here’s my list:

1. I’ll buy my parents a condominium unit – P5M

2. We’ll build our dream house in Pangasinan where we already bought a land – P10M

3. We’ll settle the remaining payments that has to be made in our condo – P2M

4. I’ll buy Gary his dream car (The Hummer) – P5M (I really don’t have any idea how much it costs but maybe P5M is enough… hehe)

5. Hello Dra. Belo (hahha!) – P1M (This is not a one-time visit though…)

6. I’ll buy myself an SUV – P2M

7. Budget for Around the World Travel – P10M (Do you think this is enough?)

8. Shopping, shopping, shopping – P5M

– watch out LV and RL stores for my bags!
– I’ll buy a new celphone (haha… babaw)
– I’ll let my kids get all their dream toys
– more watch for Gary
– La Coste and RL Shirts in all colors… haha!
– Books!
– Laptop each for my kids
etc. etc.

9. Charity (For Children who are sick especially of Cancer) – P5M

10. A million each for my parents, siblings and In-laws – P10M

11. I’ll buy our ancestral home in Cagayan de Oro (they are selling it now) – P5M (Is it?)

This is getting more and more exciting…

12. I’ll deposit P10M each for my children’s savings account – P30M

13. I’ll buy a parlor and fast food franchise – P10M

14. We’ll get a town house in Mahogany Place in Taguig – P10M (including home furniture and interior design)

15. Another Church Wedding – P1M

16. Balato – hmmm… bahala na magkano. (haha!) But for sure my yayas will get their share.

The rest will still be on investments and savings. Huh! I just realized it’s tiring to be too rich, but I am not complaining. :D