Who am I? Part 1.

Written by virayvibe on February 4, 2013 – 3:45 am -

Quoting Jean Valjean from the movie Les Miserables, I started asking myself, “Who am I?” This made me decide to blog about myself. But before I proceed, let me warn those who are not interested to just leave this page asap. Otherwise, for those who would want to understand and know me better may sit comfortably and continue reading, best with popcorn.

I am the eldest of four children. My father is an engineer and my mother took up nursing, fine arts, BS Math until finally received a doctorate degree in motherhood. Kidding aside, my mother is definitely one of those who gave up more than you can imagine just to raise up her four children. Best thing she equipped me with is faith in God. She taught me to be strong. She showed me how to be a happy giver by being one.

I always envied daughters who are close to their father. My father is the person who’s just contented to see his family around but is not the sweet type of person who would talk and play with you, who would kiss and hug you without reason and occasion. Though in fairness to him, he is a very good provider. Also, I think he was the one who influenced me the love for travel because he would bring us anywhere (always all of us complete), not including abroad though because we cannot afford it at that time. My two youngest siblings were the ones who enjoyed the perks of multiple entry US Visa, thanks to him.

Raising 4 kids all studying in a private school with only one parent employed, you can imagine (or can’t) how my parents did the budgeting. Christmas season is the only time they would buy us new clothes and shoes. So I am used to buying things only when I need to replace them, even until now. My husband would force me to shop. I am the exact opposite of a shopaholic. Disadvantage though is that I find myself nothing to wear every time I have to dress up. I don’t even know how to use make-up.

Eating is another story. I am willing to spend money just to try good food. I love sweets. I love lamb. My grandfather was a good cook, my father got it from him, maybe that’s why.

I was a consistent honor student in elem and HS. I was a dean’s lister for a couple of sems in College. I love Math and since childhood I know I’d be an engineer. It was my father who convinced me to take up Industrial Engineering (maybe because he knows that there’ll be lesser guys there, jk) but I would have wanted something hard core like ECE. I hate Social Studies and History because it requires memorization. That’s one of my regrets because now I would want to know a lot more about World History. Marcus knows more than I do.

I am an introvert. Being around a lot of people drains me. Small talk is an effort. I don’t easily open up. I am more of a listener even to close friends and relatives. I prefer reading books than partying. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoy good conversation with people especially those I love. I am transparent, I can’t pretend to be ok, I can’t pretent to like people I don’t.

This is it for now. I am not used to being in the spotlight. I am not used to talking much about myself. So just wait for Part 2. Hopefully it wouldn’t take too long…

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