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Written by virayvibe on February 14, 2013 – 7:47 am -

I don’t like flowers and I don’t mind not getting chocolates. Since we were still bf-gf, I already told Gary that. I wouldn’t mind him giving me flowers though but I told him to be sure to bring it at home because I would never EVER commute, eat out or shop carrying flowers. One time he fetched me at UST with a rose (or tulip?), I forcefully placed it inside my small bag. Sorry! Of course I appreciated the effort but I always ask myself, ‘what to do with it next?’

One time Gary asked an amuyong (I am not sure of the term but he’s about to become a brod), to hand me a long-stemmed rose. Awkward moment.

Another time (we were already married), he bought me my favorite book. I complained. I told him that that’s not what usual women get during Valentines, I want flowers or chocolates. And my husband was confused. I thought about it and realized that I only wanted that just to conform with the norm. I became honest with myself and admitted that I STILL don’t like flowers.

My husband never surprises me, very seldom I mean. He knows that I am a control-freak and I don’t really feel comfortable when he buys something for me. I’m sure it’ll be expensive. I am not sure though if I’ll want it for myself. So what he does is shop with me. But one thing he’s sure about, I wouldn’t say no to fancy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

My best valentine’s day was when we celebrated it in 3 different countries… Manila (airport -12am), Korea (stopover – 4am to 11am) and London (night time).

For this year, just to make it different, I bought Gary this Cross pen. He’s in a meeting most of the time and he’s complaining either about not having any pen or having to bring a cheap one. Also, I gave Toblerone to each of our employees. Later, I’ll give Lia this heart-shaped cookie and chocolate coins for the boys. So far so good…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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