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Written by virayvibe on January 24, 2013 – 8:05 am -

I’m not really into buying stuff for myself, maybe because of how I was brought up (this topic deserves another blog), but I usually give in to my addiction collection. It used to be perfume, but when I got pregnant, the smell of anything makes me puke. So I gave away my perfume, one by one, until I had nothing left for me. Was I sorry, yes! Haha. Now I just maintain one or two.

So here’s my list:

1. Ref Magnets

I’ve started collecting in 2004 while doing audit to different geothermal plants. I’ve lost a couple of magnets already; from Davao, Dumaguete, Hundred Islands, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Ilocos, General Santos, and the list goes on… thanks to my kids. The mini-guitar alone from Cebu has been my 3rd (or more) purchase already. So now I’ve talked to my kids (and my helper) not to get it from the ref. Ever! Especially now that ref magnets from Europe have been added and they’re definitely not easy to replace.

2. Books

While people are converting to e-books, I remain faithful to paperback (sometimes hardbound) books. Reading, for me, is my form of relaxation and personal development. It is my ‘Me’ time. I usually read before I sleep and believe it or not I look forward to it every day especially during weekends when I can stay up later than usual. Yes I am a boring person. hehe. Like my magnets, I’ve lost a couple of books already, mostly borrowed and never to return again. Here’s my super-mini library of my current purchases.

3. Currencies

From the currencies I kept from our travels (and some given), my favorite is the Swiss Franc.

Gary, on the other hand, collects mugs and believe me I love all the items he bought (not the Starbucks mugs btw). I even placed all those mugs at the coffeeshop for customers to see. He started collecting when we went to London. Sometimes, though, I have to remind him to buy mug because it’s supposed to be his collection. And because I want him to be busy checking out mugs while I do extra shopping, just kidding.

How about you, what are your simple treasures?

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