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I’ve read an article about 40 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Turning 40 and one of the things I found amusing was to write a letter to yourself to be read after 10 years.

So here I am writing a letter to myself…


Dear Mitch,

By the time you read this again, you’re 45. Uhm, tanda mo na! lol Kidding aside, time may have aged your looks but it surely made you richer, in terms of wisdom and experience. I really hope by this time you’re reading this, you’re having another vacation with your husband and kids. At this point, that is what I look forward to each year. I am not sure though if you still have the same passion now.

I am writing to you because whoever and wherever you are now, I would like to remind you your thoughts 10 years ago. 10 years ago, you were hoping that you have migrated with your family to the US. So, nakakaintindi ka pa ba ng tagalog? hehe. Or at least you were able to visit USA already. Also, your goal is to have financial freedom by this time, so afford mo na ba si belo? lol. Seriously, did I underestimate God again because you are now enjoying things far more than I can imagine? Honestly, I think so.

10 years ago, you were already contented with your life. You may still have dreams and you may still want a lot of things but deep in your heart you think you are so blessed already far beyond what you deserve. Your kids are still dependent on you. Even Marcus, who’s already a teenager, still shows signs that he still needs your presence, hug and kisses when no one’s looking. :) I bet you miss the noise inside the house because Marcus is 24, Zach is 18 and Lia 14. I’m sorry but thinking of it now makes me sad. BUT, now you can finally have a lot of “me” time and “Gary” time. Have you tried pole dancing? Are you doing yoga? Please do. I’ve been wanting to do those things but 10 years ago, the growing business and my kids are my priority.

Some of the things you were hoping for was to build your own house. As of writing, what you have is a lot/land, that you need to pay for for a couple of years, and you still don’t have any idea where to get money to build the house. You dream of a house with big masters bedroom where everything you need is there (tv, sound system, fridge, bar area, mini library if I can’t have another room for library, big bathroom with jacuzzi etc). I also want each of my kids to have their own bedrooms, so even if they’re all grown-up, they can still go back to their rooms for vacation. Maybe Lia can finally have her Hello Kitty room, if she still wants it. Gary wants to have a veranda/porch where we can relax and have our coffee every morning/night.

10 years ago, you were dreaming of Japan. So is it beautiful as you thought it was. Did you come back? Is it worthy going back? Have you seen Brazil, Spain, Amsterdam and Greece as well. Were you able to go back to London and Scotland? I really hope your answer is yes to all of my questions.

How’s the business? A decade ago, we were working so hard to maintain the business, especially Gary. Our goal is to have enough income so that we can go through each day, have enough savings to invest and employ as many employees as we can and give them good compensation… slowly but surely. Our employees were like our children. We treat them as a family.

How’s your relationship with Gary? Are you still madly in love with each other? Meaning, one day you’re inseparable, the next day you want to hold him really tight, around his neck. lol Always remember that it was God who held your marriage and family together so keep on asking for His help, especially when you’re having problems. You chose to be there for each other for decades, too late to change your mind now. :)

Are you teary-eyed already... because my letter is too long. hehe. Guess what? This exercise made me realize that I should be writing to you (myself) more often. It made me realize my worth without the need for assurance (which I normally ask from people close to me). So, expect more letters ok?

Lastly, I love you. I am proud of what you made of yourself. Continue, even improve, your good relationship with God. Ta-ta for now!

Mitch 10 years ago

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