Propelrr’s New Home

I’m back.

The reason for the new design of my old blogsite is that it was hacked. I am still in the process of redesigning and re-posting my previous posts, but at least now I can start blogging again.

It has been 5 months since my last post and I cannot emphasize enough how time flies.

The highlight of this quarter is our transfer to and the renovation of Propelrr’s new office. It will be finished hopefully by the end of May and it will look like this.

PROPELLR_Office(Propelrr’s office plan)

Warehouse style ang peg, but instead of wood we’ll be using steel.

warehouse(picture taken from the internet)

Another milestone for Search Opt Media Inc.

God’s great plan.

My financial journey 4

You may ask, how long have you been doing business? Were you successful the first time?

As I’ve mentioned probably for a number of times already, I never imagined myself being a full-time business owner, or at least not this soon. I envisioned myself climbing up the corporate ladder until I enjoy the perks of being part of the top management. It was my husband who cannot keep still in the corporate world and embraced a number of opportunities presented to him. It was a challenge for both us because we have different risk appetites. Those businesses failed btw. I’ve seen loopholes, my husband gained wisdom.

We realized, as husband and wife, that if we wanted to be business partners, we have to meet somewhere. It took a while for us to finally accept our differences and use it as our advantage. Being a control-freak, analytic and introvert, I have to accept where my risk-taker husband is coming from. The most effective medium that influenced my sudden change of heart is by reading business books. I tell you, I matured in months. A couple of reading, but mostly experience has taught my husband on the other hand to sometimes step-back before making a big decision. He lead the company, I prepared the path.

We’ve been doing business for a decade already. And no, we were not successful the first time.

As they say, “Fail Fast and Fail Forward.”

To Be Continued…

My financial journey 3

Transitioning from an SEO company to a Digital Marketing Company is a leap of faith. But we have no choice. I am just glad that my visionary husband led our team to that transition before it’s too late. And God is pushing us even further, He’s preparing us to transfer to a bigger office.

On my end, this means that I can no longer hold on to my excuse of not having enough Marketing skills and knowledge. I’ve read a couple of Marketing books though, but I don’t think that’s enough. I have to have the right training and experience to do Marketing.

Fast forward to now, I am trying to establish a process for creating a digital marketing strategy while I am helping the company create our Marketing Plan. Clap clap clap…

It took a lot of courage from me to start from scratch and embrace the idea that I have to do Marketing as well. It’s a long way for me though, I have to stretch myself even more.

As they say, “It’s better not to know things sometimes” because now I am thinking about how to grow the company which used to be solely my husband’s concern. Hah!

Seriously, looking at the growth-share matrix, I am seeing our company as a “Star”. (A star is a unit with high market share in a fast-growing industry. Stars require high funding to fight competitions and maintain a growth rate.) This means that we need to have a “Cash Cow” business unit that will fund this Star.


BCG Matrix


What could our cash cow be if our main business is a Star?

To Be Continued…

My financial journey 2

So where am I now on my financial journey?

I used to think that I’m already at my peak. From an employee trying to make ends meet, to a business owner of a Digital Marketing Company, Coffeeshop and an Independent Distributor of Royale. My family and I are definitely enjoying a lot of things we couldn’t afford before. But are we having an easy life? Hell no! If we stop what we’re doing right now, we definitely won’t last.

That made me realize that I may have climbed a few steps up, I am still far from my peak.

For years I’ve done a lot of different things for the business. I managed things where I’m good at; managing processes, handling the financial, doing accounting, admin, planning, strategizing and all those boring stuff lol. I avoided the marketing side because I told myself I don’t have the skills. Managing business has taught me a lot. It’s like opening another eye that has always been closed before. (Hopefully not the third eye lol)

And I didn’t stop there, I fed myself more knowledge and information through reading, letting my eyes open wider.

I realized, instead of focusing only on my strengths, why not work on my weaknesses as well. I cannot continue doing what I am doing now if I wanted to create big things. I have to do more, be more. This is getting more exciting.

Btw, you may ask why am I sharing this journey. Well, the least thing I can do now is to share my positivity as I tell my Rugs-to-getting-there story until I finally become RICH. Who knows I might inspire someone to start their journey as well.


Picture taken from the internet

To Be Continued…

My financial journey

I have always been a simple person. “White shirt and jeans with minimal accessories” is my favorite outfit. I don’t easily get fascinated with material things. I don’t have problem delaying gratification. I buy expensive things because I have to, for business’ sake, not to pacify myself or impress another.

This must be the reason why my husband asked me recently, “Why do you want to be a multi-millionaire?” He just blurted it out while we were discussing Strategic Plan for my health and wellness business. My initial answer was, “I want to have financial freedom.” And he asked again, “Why?” (My husband can be annoying sometimes lol). It took me a while to answer. I am a thinker, I probed deeper. My initial answer would have been, “I wanted to travel anytime I want, business class plus five star hotel and bring everyone along. I want to fund a bigger office to hire more people and provide them the best compensation one could imagine. I want to ensure good future for my kids. I don’t want to worry about growing old.” This time it was me asking myself, “Why?” (Can you imagine the impatience building up on my husband as he waits for my reply? Good thing he has his phone with him and decided to be online while waiting) I let the question die.

But deep inside, the question lingered for days until I realized that my husband asked me a wrong question.

“Being a multi-millionaire is not my objective, but creating something BIG is.”

To Be Continued…

Traditional Hilot

Di daw pwede yung masahista mo.” Gary woke me up last Sunday with this. And then followed by, “Mag TheSpa ka na kasi.

For weeks I’ve been complaining about my very painful (upper) back and I know I badly need a massage that would release all the nodules (lamig) inside my body. I’ve been planning to go to TheSpa again and try their Volcanic Rock massage. It costs 2100 each in suite/villa (private room with private facilities), and 1500 for executive. Nagcompute na nman ang lola nyo. For a thousand, my trusted home massage therapist can provide massage service for two plus tip. So I texted my therapist and made a schedule. Unfortunately, she cancelled it on the day that I was expecting her.

So Gary and I went to The Spa Fort instead. We arrived around 12pm, and learned that they open at 1pm so we had our brunch first. The Volcanic Rock Massage was not available so we ended up getting the Traditional Hilot.

As always, I used 20 mins of my time inside the steam/sauna. Heaven! Para akong piniprito sa sarili ko’ng mantika, bonggang-bongga ang pawis ko. After the steam, I already felt an improvement on my back. After a quick shower, I was lead to the room where Gary and I will have our massage.

Gary:”Ang haba ng ngiti mo ah! Eto mga gusto mo eh. Dapat pala palagi ka nandito para lagi ka naka-ngiti.


Then we talked about having our very own Sauna in our dream house.

The traditional massage started in a couple of minutes. They did our (upper) back first, perfect. They placed oil and hot leaves on top of our back after the massage. Even more perfect!

All in all, it was way worth it. This blog will remind me not to compare the price between a home therapist and TheSpa (with all its perks) anymore.

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars


Days after I’ve finished the book… di pa rin ako maka-get over. I decided to read “For Whom The Bell Tolls” next because I am scared of being bored reading other books after ‘The Fault in Our Stars’… because it is definitely a masterpiece.

Actually, it’s like reading one of those Sweet dreams book, very easy to read. Pang-highschool. BUT, how the love story was revealed was something else. Ang galing ni John Green. He was able to make me laugh, cry and fall in love (as in kinilig ako ng bongga!). The story emphasized the simplicity and complexity of life. The freedom to choose what to feel. The realities of life… that you have no other choice but to accept.

I want to share quotes from the book…

“That’s the thing about pain,” Augustus said, and then glanced back at me. “It demands to be felt”

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

“But it is the nature of stars to cross, and never was Shakespeare more wrong than when he has Cassius note, ‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves.”

At eto… kung hindi ka ba talaga kiligin!

“Come over here so I can examine your face with my hands and see deeper into your soul than a sighted person ever could.”

Madami pa… basahin nyo na lang!

And then a thought entered my mind, this book should have a movie. Alas! It was filmed already. Kaso di ko type si Ansel Elgort as Augustus.



Crush ko pa nman si Augustus sa book. Bakit hindi na lang ito…



Anyway, I realized… gusto ko ba talaga sya mapanuod. I am afraid that it will break my heart, not because of the story, but because they won’t be able to give justice to the book.

I miss you both Hazel Grace and Augustus…

Comfy Travel Shoes

What kind of shoes do you wear during travel?

Traveling with kids, plus the fact that we prefer commuting abroad, gives me no other option but to wear comfortable shoes. Number one on my list is rubber shoes. I wore my pink Nike shoes when we went to Hongkong. The same set of Nike shoes walked the streets of London, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I brought it together with a pair of Anne Klein boots (not included in the picture because my mom borrowed it during her Australia trip).

Northface was the theme of our European trip. You should see our Northface traveling bags, one even costs almost P30k! But NO we didn’t buy them. Northface is one of our clients and they offered to pay Northface items in lieu of cash. WHY NOT?! So on top of the bags, Gary got himself a pair of hiking shoes while I got another rubber shoes. Looks bulky but they’re so light and comfortable. I brought them to Europe with another comfy but “not-so-durable” boots. I left the boots in our hotel in Switzerland.

For Singapore, I enjoyed my red Toms. (Enjoyed it so much that the color faded)


In preparation for our Japan trip, I thought of buying myself a Japanese brand sneakers, Onitsuka Tiger. I’ve tried it once and it’s like walking barefoot! Chos! Di nman pero magaan talaga sya. But since South Korea came first, my Onitsuka will have to experience Seoul before (God knows when) Japan.


Seoul 2013 part 1

I decided to divide my blog about Seoul into parts so that I won’t be overwhelmed.Ang dami ko gusto ikwento and I have to start writing now before I forget them altogether. So to start, tulad nga ng kinakanta ni Gary Valenciano… “bitin na bitin ako… ooowoohow…” That’s the best way to describe our vacation. lol

We arrived at Incheon Airport past 8 in the evening. It took us another hour to transfer to the arrival/immigration area (via train within the airport) and to get our checked-in bag. We then took the Airport express train to Seoul. The usual 90 minutes Incheon-Seoul travel by bus or private car was cut to approximately 45 minutes. We transferred to another line to reach Phil House, where we are staying. Look at their website and what you see is what you get. We got the triple room with terrace for the four of us (Gary, me, Zach and Lia). For Marcus, Rex and Dexter, 3 dorm bedspace. I tried to ask if they can give them another triple room instead sincetatlo na lang sila naiwan, unfortunately wala na available. Dorm type kasi kinuha ko for all the employees sana. Btw, Rex and Dexter are Gary’s brods who happen to be consultants. Obviously, sila lang ang na-approve ang visa.  Going back, Phil House is clean, the people are nice, there’s pantry where you can cook/eat, the place is very near restaurants, convenience stores and train station. As for the dorm, it costs 500++ pesos per night, perfect for backpackers. So kung tutulugan lang ang hanap nyo, then I’ll recommend this hostel. But for families especially with kids, I would prefer a better place to stay.

Past 12am Korea time (They are 1 hour ahead) with 10 degrees temp (malamig na sa akin yan), we looked for a place to eat. May nakita kami isang restaurant na bukas. The owner-cook-cashier-woman doesn’t speak english. Hindi nya maintindihan yung ‘not spicy’ at ‘noodles.’ In short, kumain kami ng maanghang, at ang kids di nakakain. We had few bottles of beer and we went back to the hostel past 2am.

The next day, sinuka lahat ni Gary ang kinain nya. And he had stomach flu for 2 days…


Recently, I’ve invested in another business. Money invested wasn’t so big but the earning potential is. Despite my lack of skill in terms of ‘Sales and Mktg,’ I decided to be a distributor of Royale Business Club Inc because I personally use their products. Forgive me, but I am one of those typical Filipina women who wants to have fairer skin. So I am a fan of their glutathione soap and soon I am planning to try their glutathione pills plus other wellness products. Also, they’ll be releasing BB cream (they partnered with Korean and French companies), so I can’t wait to also try one of those.

Going back to my business. So far I am benefiting from it because I get products I personally use at discounted (distributor’s) price and I already have regular customers who they themselves have given me good testimonials about the products they use. But I would want to take another step further. I want to get people to be distributors like me because it’s where the maximum earning potential is.

As I’ve said, I am not a Sales person so I don’t want to give you flowery words. Just see what their products are and let them speak for themselves:

1. Ascorbic Acid
2. Fiberich
3. Spirulina (Superfood)
4. PRIME (multiVitamin supplement)
5. Diabetwatch
6. Grape Seed
7. fitShape
8. rIQall (Memory and Mental Alertness)
9. L-Gluta Power
10. Pinkish Glow (Gluta + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Vit C and E)
11. Performax (Anti-ageing formula for men)
12. Richarge (herbal drink mix)
13. 8-in-1 coffee, choco drink and corn powdered drink mixes


1. Pinkish Glow cream and toner
2. L-Gluta cream, soap, lotion and deodorant
3. L-Gluta power Anti-ageing cream and facial soap
4. Kojic papaya soap
5. Organic Lipstick
6. His and Her perfume

To top it all, Royale Business Club is 100% Filipino owned. What do you think?